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07|29|05 @ 08P]
my vacationCollapse )
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07|24|05 @ 12P]
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07|23|05 @ 10P]
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07|23|05 @ 09P]
Well I guess im back on livejournal and that means I should talk about my day yesterday right? Right. Well yesterday I slept over Krissys, went to the mall, got hit on by a college guy, went to Panera Bread for the first time, and found out the guy I liked is a cocky, shallow, retarded, preppy asshole who's into his looks more than mine. Im leaving for N.H tomorrow afternoon and i'll be back next Friday.

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05|10|05 @ 08P]
Elyse is ______.
Elyse is talented at _____.
Elyse hates _____.
Elyse loves _____.
Elyse's favorite hobby is ______.
Elyse has ______.
Elyse gets bored when ______.
Elyse's hair is _______.
If Elyse was lunchmeat, she would be _____.
If Elyse was an 80's song, she would be _____.
Elyse is married to ______.
Elyse wants to make out with ______.
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04|18|05 @ 10A]
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04|10|05 @ 09P]
I just relized something this year, im really grateful for all the friend's that have been on my side through all of the drama i've been through this year. This isn't that random, but I just finished watching Odd Girl Out and it made a point to all girls to make sure you trust your true friend's. If you haven't seen the movie, I strongly advise you to watch it. Im not sure when it will be on again, but I have it on tape if you wanna see it. But if you don't see it, i'll explain.
It's about this girl [Vanessa] who is friend's with a group of girls and her best friend is also included in that group. Vanessa and her best friend both like the same guy and they fight over him. They begin to fight and she treats Vanessa like shit for the whole school year. She treats her so badly, Vanessa takes an overdose and ends up in the hospital. But Vanessa still has the balls to go back to school and finish it. At the end of the story Vanessa and her best friend aren't friend's anymore.
Doesn't that sound familiar, except the overdose and losing all of the friend's?
I've desided who my true friend's are.
I either have best friend's or true friend's.
If you've lied to me and/or treated me like shit, then were through. Cause at the end, I don't want to end up like Vanessa and losing who my real true friend's.

btw I know this is public
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04|05|05 @ 09P]
I've desided to cut people. If you hate listening to my problems and my so called boring life. Then you're out. Im moving on. I have moved on, from this high school kiddie drama and nasty boys who go to Norton High. I don't regret anything that I did in my past, even though some people think that I did. Though I wish it went down easier and not as horrible as it went, but things happen for a reason. And I can't stop that. I know that i've made mistakes in my life and im going to regret them in the future or get it 10 times worse shoved up my ass. I don't need people telling me who I am. They only person who knows that is me and only me. And I would really appreciate if people would stop telling me that they know what im going through because you/they don't. Nobody has ever been through so much shit in one year. I've been through drama since July over a stupid boy who stares at people and walks like a grandpa. I was so sick and tired of people telling me that he was denying me and most of all how people were making fun of me. I seriously did absolutly nothing in this world to hurt people. And if I did, I truely am sorry. I really am. And since this is public, you're welcome to say whatever you want, even if you're not on my friend's list.
So from now on, im going to concentrate on my school work and get good grades so I can get into a good college. I don't want a relationship right now because I was so hurt by the other one and I can't take another relationship because im afraid i'll screw up and i'll get hurt again.
So if you comment, i'll keep you/add you.
Im grounded until Friday night, and I can't use the computer till then. So if you don't comment until I come back, then you're cut.
kis kiss hug hug
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